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Learn more about Private Blog Networks

PBNs were banned for use in the Google search network back in September 2014. Since then, many SEO experts have refused to use the personal domain grid due to the threat of receiving sanctions from Google. At the same time, many professionals continue to use them to promote their websites - even world-renowned experts like Neil Patel do this. Thus, PBN is no longer a white-hat SEO category but is not a black-hat SEO technique. In other words, building a grid of blogs is one of the methods of gray promotion.

In this article, we will try to consider the most important aspects of building PBN and tell our readers about whether to launch such a grid for your site and if not, why

What is a Private Blog Network?

PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of private blogs or blog-oriented sites that have a common owner. Such networks include or sites on free platforms like web 2.0 (currently archaic), or sites on a separate hosting, personal blogs.

The network of private blogs is built around the main site, which needs to get high-quality link mass and traffic.

Ideally, buying pbn links are built in such a way that it is impossible to track their common owner, and therefore it may appear that all these sites do not belong to the same group.

The lowest-level blogs pump over the reference mass and direct traffic to the average level blogs, and they, in turn, redirect the generated traffic and transfer the reference mass to the main site that needs to be monetized.

Each satellite builds its own link mass, receiving backlinks from reputable sources and traffic from social networks and organic search.

Ultimately, this allows you to manipulate the reference mass, significantly increasing it for the monetized site, and also redirects all generated traffic directly to the site that provides products and services.

Why did Google forbid it?

The answer is partially contained in the previous paragraph: it allows you to manipulate the reference mass, thereby artificially increasing it and gaining advantages in the organic search. In turn, the link weight is one of the main factors ranking a site on Google.

Finally, such a technique can be used (and successfully used) by websites that are not aimed at providing quality products or services to search engine users, which in turn negatively affects the PS rating as a whole.

When does PBN lead to Google sanctions?

There is a high probability of receiving sanctions from the PS and the subsequent de-indexing of the site in the following cases:
1. You are selling links with PBN network;
2. Satellite blogs contain poor quality content;
3. The same IP address is used for satellites;
4. The same Whois information is used for each domain;
5. For the advancement, drop-domains that previously received PS sanctions were acquired;
6. Contains a large number of spam links;
7. The same anchor text is used for all PBN's.

In addition, one of the main conditions that increase the risk of a site filter is the excessive use of link masses from a private blog network.

This issue was reviewed in detail by Nathan Gotch, one of the leading Western SEO-specialists. According to his research, in order to successfully promote a project using PBN, it is necessary to use no more than 10-20% of the reference mass with the satellites in the total reference mass.

The most correct variant of forming the linking mass of the promoted site provides for diversification of backlinks according to the principle: 80-90% of the natural link weight and 10-20% of links with PBN. If you use 100% blackhat links with PBN, then the probability of receiving PS sanctions is extremely high.

General rules when creating a PBN domains

We recommend sticking to the following rules if you plan to build a private blog network to monetize your site:

1. Use different registrars for each satellite.
2. Make sure that each satellite is allocated a separate hosting provider with a unique IP address.
3. Invest in quality content. Avoid duplicates and irrelevant material, and follow the guidelines described in this article.
4. Do not link all blog satellites in a grid between themselves. Instead, aim to get links from reputable resources.
5. Do not break the rules that we described in the previous section and which lead to Google's sanctions.

How to build a PBN?

As a rule, the private grid of blogs is built according to the following principle:

1. The so-called drop domains on sites such as GoDaddy or ExpiredDomains.net that meet the characteristics of topicality, relevance, good history, and link mass.
2. Web PBN. The launch of each individual satellite is technically no different from the launch of a regular site. The only prerequisite is in compliance with the rules listed in the previous sections.
3. Implementing a content strategy. By the time of launching the satellites, it is already necessary to know what exactly will be published on sites, what is their subject matter, target audience, etc. In other words, the third step involves the implementation of a pre-planned content strategy.
4. The implementation of link promotion. Similar to the previous paragraph - for each satellite, you need to create a high-quality, relevant and, if possible, the most authoritative reference mass.

Finally, we note that all blogs participating in Private Blog Network should look like sites that are not interdependent or in the same group. This means that the site must have contact information, a competent structure, connected social networks and other attributes of blogs that conduct activity independently of others.